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Floyd Hughes, Managing Partner   -   email

Over the past 10 years, Mr. Hughes has successfully worked on residential development and construction projects in Washington DC. As a partner in New Birth Real Estate Development Corporation, Mr. Hughes had a leadership role in purchasing and renovating multi-and single family properties and project management. Currently, he has the responsibility for managing the real estate development projects including identifying investors and seeking Joint Venture opportunities for The Laurel Group.


Travis Hardmon, Partner    -    email

Mr. Hardmon brings over 20 years of experience working on residential, commercial, and mixed-use real estate development projects. As the Managing Partner for H & H Investment Group, LLC, and Executive Director of Core Community Development Corporation, Mr. Hardmon has successfully worked on a broad range of residential and commercial real estate development projects, including site planning, market feasibility analysis, and construction. Currently, Mr., Hardmon seeks residential, commercial, and mixed-use real estate development projects where The Laurel Group can serve as the developer of co-developer.


Lisa Burford Hardmon, Partner    -    email

Over the past 10, years, Mrs. Hardmon has worked on residential projects in Washington, DC. As the Business Manager for H & H Investment Group, Mrs. Hardmon was responsible for managing multi-family and single family investment properties. She was responsible for leasing, maintenance, and tenant relations. Currently, Mrs. Hardmon is responsible for managing the internal business operations of The Laurel Group, including the development of promotional material, conducting market and trend analysis, recording keeping and reporting, and financial management.


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